Francine Fowler

RMT Music Therapist, Briar Road Twickenham service

020 8744 8097

Francine considers music to be central to her own wellbeing; she regularly sings in a choir, provides keys and lead vocals in a band, and is almost constantly listening to music from a huge variety of genres. She is delighted to work in a profession that uses music to build therapeutic relationships and facilitate others’ experiences of agency, connection and creative expression.

Francine studied her undergraduate degree in music at the University of Cambridge, and completed her MA in music therapy at the University of Roehampton in 2016. She joined Richmond Music Trust in 2018 and has enjoyed working with clients across a broad range of ages, backgrounds and therapeutic needs from the studio at Briar Road. Francine also provides music therapy at an NHS mental health unit for older adults, and at a service for adults with learning disabilities.