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  • Family details

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  • St Mary's pupils; please ensure you specify whether you attend St Mary's Twickenham or Hampton.
  • Tuition Required

    Please ensure the instrument you are applying for is available at your child's chosen centre. Details are listed on our Music Centres page.

    If you are applying for Music Makers please write “Music Makers” in the Instrument field.

    Some lists are currently closed due to high demand. Please do not apply for:

    -Violin/piano/drums at the Saturday Centre

    -Piano at the Midweek Centre

    -Piano at Marshgate

    -Piano/guitar at St Mary's CE Twickenham

  • Help with Fees

    Remission is available for those in receipt of certain benefits. For more information please view RMT Support with Fees

    Free School Meals will only be accepted as a qualifying criteria if your child is in Y3 or above.

    We only need to know about one form of benefit.
  • please upload the most recent evidence of the benefit you receive. We only need to see one.
  • Consent / Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Parents/guardians and pupils are subject to the terms and conditions as laid down by the Richmond Music Trust as detailed below, and agree to abide by these terms and conditions. The Trustees of the Trust reserve the right to alter the terms and conditions if necessary.

The Trust reserves the right to change teaching personnel, venue, lesson times and pupil groupings where necessary and to notify parents of changes where possible.

Payment for lessons and/or membership of activities is required termly in advance. The invoice must be settled within 14 days to ensure tuition/membership. Failure to pay the invoice will automatically cancel the tuition/membership.

The Trust requires notice in writing half a term before you would like tuition to stop. We reserve the right to charge half a term’s fees in lieu of notice if this requirement is not met.

When a member of our teaching staff is absent, every effort will be made to ensure that the missed lesson is made up. In some circumstances, the lesson may be made up the following term. The Trust is only liable for instrumental lessons/activities missed as a result of the absence of a Trust teacher.

RMT teachers reserve the right to group pupils according to their ability. When groupings change and it becomes necessary to transfer a pupil from group to individual or vice versa, the appropriate increase in tuition fees (or refund) will be processed as soon as possible by the Trust.

The Trust reserves the right to discontinue tuition/activity where a pupil’s progress, effort, attendance or behaviour is unsatisfactory.

In most cases it will be necessary for parents/guardians to make their own arrangements for obtaining an instrument for their child to practise on. It will also be necessary to purchase music. Our page on buying/hiring an instrument contains further information.