Adults with Disabilities

We provide music therapy services for adults with a range of conditions including learning disabilities and Autistic Spectrum Conditions (ASC), neurological conditions and acquired brain injuries as well as for adults with mental health needs

Music therapy is widely recognised as an effective form of therapeutic support for people with learning disabilities, as well as those who have Autistic Spectrum Conditions (ASC), where communicating and relating to others may be more of a challenge. Music therapy provides individuals who have difficulty expressing themselves and forming relationships with a means through which to engage in close interpersonal contact. The innate joy in musical interaction enables the therapist to strengthen the part of the client that is able and functioning, thus encouraging the development of existing or dormant abilities and strengths. Music therapy can reach clients who are withdrawn by promoting supportive relationships, where clients can be accepted for who they are. This holistic emotional support can help a client live with their disability and its associated challenges. Music therapy is an empowering experience for clients, encouraging meaningful communication and a positive sense of self.

“I like everything; I like guitar, I like the drums, the microphone, the cymbal. I feel good, nice music makes me happy with friends. The music helps me when I feel sad.”

“Music Therapy is the absolute highlight of our daughter’s week. It gives her an opportunity to explore her love of music, work through some of her feelings, try out instruments and even have a bit of a dance. The sessions have a massive positive impact on her mental health as well as improving her speech, communication and social skills. Her confidence has grown immensely since she first started. Music therapy anchors her week and gives her something to look forward to, it is a life line for our family.”


We aim to make our services accessible to adults with any form of learning disability in the local area and beyond. We work closely with residential homes and the network of services for adults with learning disabilities, including Social Services, Mencap, Richmond Users Independent Living Scheme and Richmond Carers Centre. We provide music therapy services for adults in RMT centres, at home, in care homes and day centres, as well as online.


Referrals can be made by carers or any professional working with the adult in a health or social care setting.  Adults are welcome to refer themselves.  Once we receive your form we will contact you to arrange an initial Music Therapy Assessment.