RMT Schools Ensembles Day 2024

This event brings together KS2 School Ensembles, providing a platform on which to perform and experience music with others.

RMT Schools Ensembles Day
Wednesday 26.06.24 at The Exchange

Morning Session estimated 0830-1230 (concert 1145)
Afternoon Session estimated 1300-1700 (concert 1615)

Following on from the success of the RMT Instrumental Day 2023, we are delighted to introduce an updated format which will allow school ensembles to perform to each other, and with each other.  We have booked The Exchange Theatre on Wednesday 26.06.24 for two sessions of ensemble rehearsals, each culminating in a performance to parents.

FORM 2 DEADLINE 5pm Friday 05.01.24.

RMT Schools Ensemble Day 2024 Form 2 Final Numbers

Please use this form to submit final information for the 2024 Schools Ensemble Day. Form Two Deadline: 5pm Friday 05.01.24.
  • Your Details

  • please list a contact number for use on the day in case of urgent messages/emergency
  • Confirmation of Involvement

  • Your Ensemble

  • To allow for pupils joining/leaving your school ensemble, the number you give will have a tolerance either way of 5 pupils. Changing this number nearer to the event will also decrease/increase the number of adult helpers who accompany you on the day.
  • InstrumentNumber of Players 
    Please list how many of each instrument you have in your ensemble. To add an instrument, click the + sign.
  • Using the adult : KS2 child ratio 1:10 please include: Music Lead 1-1 SEN support Adult Helpers
  • Photography and Filming

    Please read the following statement: Richmond Music Trust will occasionally use photographs and/or film footage of events, concerts and lessons. These images may be used to celebrate our musical activities and pupil achievements, to promote the Trust via our website and social media, for publicity or funding purposes related to music education, and for other publicity such as newsletters, promotional videos and press releases. When using photos and videos for publicity or website/social media purposes, we will not accompany them with any other personal information about the child. Images that might cause embarrassment or distress will not be used. We will only use images of pupils who are suitably dressed, to reduce the risk of such images being used inappropriately. Although we will carefully use images on the basis of our "legitimate interests" we understand there may be occasions where schools provide good reason why we should withdraw certain images. Should there be a child whose image cannot be used, please put their initials in the box provided below. We will talk to you on the day of the event to ensure this child is not included in the photos/film we take. After the event we may ask you to check the images we take to ensure the child in question is not included. If you have any questions please contact carolinepeirson@richmondmusictrust.org.uk
  • We will talk to you on the day of the event to ensure the individual(s) named above are not included in the photos/film we take. After the event we may ask you to check the images we take to ensure the child in question is not included.


Updated format for 2024

The 2022 and 2023 Instrumental Days were planned and delivered with a positive, post-Covid focus on encouraging children to celebrate their musicianship and rejoin their School Ensemble by bringing them together to rehearse and share with others.  The 2024 format will retain the core message of positive performance, but has developed somewhat to recognise two key features that schools have asked us to incorporate:

  • The opportunity for individual school ensembles to perform, directed by their school Music Lead.
  • The opportunity for parents to watch their child perform in their school ensemble.
    (we anticipate there will be one audience ticket per participating child.  The ticket cost will be confirmed as soon as possible).

In addtion to this we are keen to enhance the overall experience in the following way by:

  • Pairing each school with a partner school, with whom they will perform an arranged joint piece.  On the day this will be rehearsed and directed by an RMT Team Leader.
  • Before the day RMT will visit each school ensemble (once during the Spring Term 2024) to introduce/rehearse your school’s element of the joint piece.

Important Considerations for Schools

This event is for KS2 Ensembles. We are unfortunately unable to accomodate KS1 pupils at this event.

The event cost is £75 per school, payable by invoice.

RMT is unable to provide instruments for this day. Pupils/schools should bring their own instruments to play during the day.

There is a structured, two-stage process for confirming ensemble numbers and instruments for this event.

Stage 1 The Initial Registration Form requires you to provide us with a numbers outline.  This form needed to be submitted by 5pm Monday 20.11.23.  Should the event be oversubscribed, we will process and accommodate applications in date/time order of submission.

Stage 2 The Final Numbers Form will require you to provide us with a confirmed total pupil number, along with names and instruments, and a total adult number, to include music lead, 1-1 SEN/TA support and any essential parent helpers.  This form should be submitted by 5pm Friday 05.01.24.

We will use these numbers across the planning process, to include partnering decisions, ensemble timings and parent ticket allocation.  Any submissions received or changes requested after this date will not be possible to accomodate as they will impact the planning process, and could affect the balance of the partnership.

We are bound by the capacity of the main theatre space We will do our best wherever possible to partner schools in a balanced way in order to maximise the use of the space, but ask schools to understand that, depending on the responses received, in some cases and as a last resort it may be necessary to put an upper limit on the number of pupils that schools can bring.

Accompanying Adults Each school will be allocated 1 Free of Charge ticket for their Music Lead.  We will also allocate a Free of Charge ticket for each 1-1 SEN/TA Support as listed on your Final Numbers Form.  With this in mind we ask that you only bring Parent Helpers as needed to satisfy the required Adult:Child ratio (KS2 1:10).  Any essential Parent Helpers must be listed on the Final Numbers Form.  Essential Parent Helpers will also receive a ticket Free of Charge.  RMT will not be able to accomodate additional Parent Helpers who do not fit within the required Adult : KS2 Child ratio of 1 : 10.

Parent Tickets Based on the confirmed total pupil number stated on your Final Numbers Form, we will allocate one audience ticket per participating child, .  Each school will be sent their tickets in advance, and will be asked to distribute one to the parent/carer of each child.   Any parent attending as an Essential Parent Helper will automatically receive a free of charge ticket, and will therefore not be able to purchase a second parent ticket, as this event is strictly one parent ticket per performing child.  The ticket cost will be confirmed as soon as possible.

Please feel free to email bethanycalder@richmondmusictrust.org.uk with any questions.