Support for Mental Health

Music therapy can be a supportive and gentle form of therapy for young people and adults who are going through an emotional crisis or are experiencing mental health problems such as anxiety, depression or psychosis. It can also be a useful reflective space for people who are experiencing distress and isolation arising from illness, disability, addiction or other life circumstances.

During music therapy sessions clients are invited to experiment with sounds, using a variety of instruments.  No previous musical experience is needed and the focus is to support the clients in expressing themselves creatively through sounds, silences, songs, rhythms and words. The music played covers a wide range of styles depending on the needs, taste and musical experience of the client. Sessions may be either one-to-one or in small groups.

Spontaneously making music can be an enjoyable and enlivening experience which sometimes allows unexpected feelings to arise that the client may wish to discuss with the therapist. The therapist is there to support the client and help make sense of the feelings experienced. The process of therapy is not to smooth over or to distract from painful feelings, but rather to help the client become more aware of their experiences and reflect upon them.

Music therapy provides an opportunity to reflect on relationships and explore new ways of relating to others.  Engagement in music therapy can create positive changes in emotional wellbeing and helps increase confidence, self-awareness, self-esteem and the ability to form and sustain relationships.

“Andreas is absolutely brilliant and very understanding about the trauma I have been through, and was completely understanding about my relationship with music, and how it relates to the sound track of my life”


Adults are welcome to refer themselves or referrals can also be made by parents, carers or any professional working with the client within an educational, health or social care setting.  Once we receive your completed form we will contact you to arrange an initial Music Therapy Assessment.