Music Therapy in Schools

RMT music therapists work with children with additional needs, in mainstream schools as well as in special schools and units. We believe strongly in early intervention and targeting children with additional needs before problems become unmanageable.  We actively involve parents, teachers and carers in our therapeutic work and this leads to a deeper understanding of the child’s needs and potentially to developing better strategies for the child in education and parenting.

“The children become extremely focused during the music therapy sessions; they are able to settle and engage more than in other group activities.”

“He is not usually able to be in groups; however, in the music therapy group he is able to sit and be with the other children. He really engages through the music.”


We offer schools two options to access music therapy services If you would like to explore these options email or call 020 8744 8097.

Service Level Agreement

Schools can contract service packages on a year by year basis, offering music therapy to a number of their pupils while at school. In this situation music therapy is usually embedded into the overall educational environment and includes strong liaison with teaching staff and any other relevant professionals.  The therapist will take a proactive role to support the integration of music therapy into the school environment and this may include providing training sessions or music therapy workshops for staff and parents.

Direct Referral

Many schools are not in the position to contract our music therapy services on an ongoing basis but might occasionally have a child they are concerned about to whom they would like to offer therapeutic support. Concerns may include social, emotional mental health issues, or other developmental needs. Referrals to our service can be made by a SENCO, teaching staff or parents.