Kamila Almabetova

RMT Music Therapist, Hook Centre Kingston and Outreach Services

020 8744 8097


Kamila has been working as a music therapist since 2011. She began her professional journey as soon as she had graduated with Master’s degree in Nordoff-Robbins music therapy.  Over the years Kamila built an extensive clinical experience, while working with adults and children with wide variety of needs, including those who had learning disabilities, ASD, ADHD, attachment disorders, emotional trauma, dementia and neurological conditions. She worked in different settings across South East and South West London and Surrey: a children’s centre, primary and secondary schools, care homes, music therapy centres and clients’ homes.

Kamila has recently trained in delivering Neurological music therapy techniques and in MATADOC (Music Therapy Assessment Tool for Disorders of Consciousness ).  Kamila strongly believes in the healing power of sound and music, and that it can be used to assist anyone experiencing social, emotional or physical difficulties.